Botanical Pollen Bath Salts - Lavender + Calendula

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Lavender + Calendula

Excellent for a soothing soak that relieves sore muscles and calms the mind.

A #beepower twist on a bathtime favorite!

Salt baths are highly regarded for their minerals such as magnesium and potassium found in epsom salt and sea salt, which can be absorbed during a warm bath to help eliminate toxins and balance your entire body. Plus, salt blends help detox your skin, leaving you with a healthy glow and skin feeling balanced and soft. 

Our bath salts are elevated with dried botanicals and our unique addition of whole grain pollen. Pollen contains 32 vitamins and minerals, 22 amino acids, 18 natural enzymes, and plenty of antioxidants - all of which support your skin’s health while you relax in a warm and soothing bath. It’s a completely luxurious spa experience that you will definitely want to add into your weekly routine. Bath salts also make amazing foot soaks for tired feet!

8 oz jar will last for about 3 baths.

Pouches are perfect for single use and gifting!


Ingredients: Sea salt, dead sea salt, epsom salt, dried lavender, dried calendula, whole grain pollen + essential oils: lavender, sweet orange 

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Wittke
These are lovely!

I bought these as a gift; so I don’t know for certain what the recipient thinks yet but I LOVE your products that are made with good-for-the-body ingredients & wanted to support your small business efforts!

Lovey Peissig
Smells amazing

Worth every cent! Smells amazing and I plan to buy more!