Ever had your favorite skincare brand stop making your favorite product? I am a lip balm fanatic, so when my favorite tinted lip balm was discontinued I was on a mission to make it myself. I looked up the ingredients and was horrified when I realized that there were over 30, most of which I couldn’t pronounce!!  Scratch that idea! From there, I set out to make a simple natural version, and the rest is history. 


BeeNaturalz started with a simple mission to combine #beepower with nature's purest ingredients to craft non-toxic artisan skincare products that enhance your natural glow. We want our customers to feel confident that they can trust the products that they’re putting on their skin. We also want them to be able to feel beautiful, both inside and out. Our Rosy Citrus lip balm was our original creation, but there’s been so many more exciting things since then, and more to come!  The best part? Our products average less than 10 ingredients – they’re completely natural and we promise you can pronounce them all!


So where do honey bees play into all of this? Well, let me tell you about this amazing thing called the Minnesota State Fair. Drawing around 2 million visitors each year it’s the 2nd largest in the country. In addition to all of the wild and crazy foods, you can actually learn all about bees and discover all of the unique benefits of their hard work (honey, beeswax, propolis, etc). My husband and I watched honey get harvested and the beekeeper talked about all of the fantastic ways that honey is good for you - not just for eating, but for your skin as well.  The wheels started turning and there it was: the magic that we wanted to put in our products and what truly makes them special.  Totally natural products, with the added "bee power" from honey bees (and the more local, the better!).


BeeNaturalz has grown and evolved since it's start in 2017, and with the addition of curated self-care goods and our handcrafted Northern Buzz apparel collection - a cozy combination of ultimate comfort, unique style, and northern vibes from our bee-friendly home state - our mission is truly embraced in everyday life.


Being comfortable in your own skin is more than just skincare - it’s a way of life. Thank you for being part of our community.



Founder and Owner of BeeNaturalz