Beauty Cream - Moisturizing (Day)

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Moisturizing Beauty Cream (Day)
1 oz glass jar

An improved formula, now in an eco-friendly glass jar! 

Rich and creamy, our beauty cream is infused with hibiscus flowers (nature’s botox) and enriched with manuka + bilberry extracts.  Smooth onto skin after toning (before any oil) to balance + soften.

Bilberry extract - A little-known fruit from northern Europe with nutritional benefits similar to blueberries, bilberries are also LOADED with antioxidants and vitamin C, making them a sensational ingredient for skincare! 

Sea kelp bioferment - With a high concentration of vitamins and minerals, sea kelp provides your skin with nutrients and is very moisturizing.

Hibiscus flowers - Enhances skin’s elasticity, making it look smooth and more youthful. Hibiscus is also known for helping to reduce pigmentation.

Massage a small amount onto face after cleansing and toning. Naturally preserved - use completely within 3 months from date of purchase.


INGREDIENTS: Aloe leaf juice, emulsifying wax, grapeseed oil, propolis oil, shea butter, manuka extract, vegetable glycerin, sea kelp bioferment, argan oil, vitamin E, coconut fruit extract, lactobacillus ferment, bilberry extract + Essential oils: sweet orange, copaiba, clary sage 


Customer Reviews

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Mindy McKay
Happy Customer

My second order from BeeNaturalz. I love the products and it helps my dry skin. Moisturizes much better than regular face cream. Highly recommend. 🐝

Elizabeth Chaltry

Loving it so far. My skin is finally not flaking off with the dryness of the winter. It helped immediately. Thank you!

Yolanda Petro


Carole Newman

Wonderful. Love it.

Michelle Thompson
Active Hydration Serum

I'm obsessed with this serum! I use it everyday usually twice and have loved how good my skin looks and feels.