Beauty Serums - Youthful Glow Trio

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Our best selling beauty serums to harness a youthful glow are now available as a trio!  Purchase as a bundle and SAVE!

Youthful Glow Bundle includes:

  • Smoothing Bakuchiol Serum ($38 value)
  • Rejuvenating CoQ10 Serum ($38 value)
  • Bee Awake - Uplifting Eye Serum ($18 value)

Smoothing Bakuchiol Serum

1 oz airless bottle with treatment pump

Our newest serum, it features bakuchiol extract, a naturally-derived alternative to retinol that is suitable for all skin types.  Translation: all of the benefits with none of the irritation or redness!

Potent actives such as camu camu extract, turmeric, vitamin c, manuka honey, and hyaluronic acid make this serum a one-stop shop for smoothing and renewing skin at any age. 

Serum tip: Use as part of your nightly routine. Apply a small amount after cleansing and toning. Allow to fully absorb, and then follow with a moisturizer.

INGREDIENTS: Distilled water, aloe vera, moringa oil, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, orange peel extract, camu camu extract, bakuchiol extract, manuka honey extract, watermelon fruit extract, vegetable glycerin, turmeric extract, xanthan gum, lactobacillus ferment + essential oil: sweet orange


Rejuvenating CoQ10 Serum
1 oz airless bottle w/treatment pump

Turn back time and get a youthful glow thanks to the benefits of coenzyme 10 (CoQ10), propolis oil, and a blend of the finest oils known for their powerful abilities to fight the signs of aging. 

Serum tip: Apply after other water/gel-based serums and moisturizers as one of the last steps in your skincare routine. 

INGREDIENTS: jojoba oil, sea buckthorn oil, propolis oil, argan oil, rosehip oil, vitamin E, coenzyme Q10 + essential oils: lavender, carrot seed, elemi, frankincense


Bee Awake Uplifting Eye Serum Roller
10 ml glass roller

Rescue tired and aging eyes with our intensive eye serum roller. Depuff with our unique blend of prickly pear, goji berry, coffee seed, and cucumber extracts.

Serum tip: After cleansing and moisturizing, roll onto dark circles and lines around eyes. Use alone, under makeup, or as the last step in your beauty routine. 

INGREDIENTS: Jojoba oil, vitamin E, propolis oil, goji berry oil, prickly pear oil, cucumber seed oil, coffee seed oil, essential oils: lavender, carrot seed, frankincense, rhododendron

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Sheila Ambrose

Nothing special with these

Hi Sheila,
I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy these. As a small handmade business, I make everything myself and am always striving for high satisfaction from customers - from the care in making products, to the packaging and customer service. If there’s anything I could have done differently to make your experience better, I welcome the feedback.

Owner, BeeNaturalz