• Facial Cleansing Oil - Chamomile + Mint

Facial Cleansing Oil - Chamomile + Mint

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Face Cleansing Oil - Chamomile + Mint
2 fl oz glass bottle with treatment pump

The oil cleansing method (or OCM) is based on the science that like dissolves like. Harsh chemicals in commercial skincare products strip away natural oils that your skin needs for moisture and protection. Unlike conventional wisdom, oil cleansing works by helping to regulate your skin’s natural production of oil. It penetrates deep into pores to dissolve dirt and build-up, and purges it to reveal clearer, more radiant skin.  It also makes an excellent makeup remover!

We boost the benefits of OCM even further by using a propolis oil blend that we infuse ourselves from pure propolis resin. Propolis is known for it’s healing, antiseptic, and restorative capabilities, making it particularly helpful in balancing and healing problematic skin. Now that’s #beepower!

Our face cleansing oil is uniquely formulated to work well with most skin types.

You may experience a slight "purging" and increase in breakouts when you first switch to oil cleansing. This should pass in 1-2 weeks. Discontinue if irritation occurs, as this can be an indicator of oil sensitivity.


INGREDIENTS: jojoba oil, castor oil, grapeseed oil, sunflower oil, tamanu oil, evening primrose oil, propolis oil, peppermint essential oil, argan oil, chamomile essential oil