Ice-Dyed Women’s Sleeveless Hoodie

  • $30.00

A classic favorite, but with a twist!  Our ice and snow dyeing method brings a unique, one-of-a-kind style that is perfect for lounging at home with a #selfcare face mask session, but also versatile enough to wear out and about with friends on your next weekend adventure.

A lightweight tank top with a little attitude.  Dress it up, dress it down, wear it with layers, or wear it alone - the possibilities are endless with this super soft staple.

  • 50% poly, 25% ringspun cotton and 25% rayon
  • Women's fit
  • True to size

Designed and printed in Minnesota


A few notes about our process:

  • The long, unique process we use means that every single garment is truly a  work of art.  A few things to expect with your beautiful piece:
    • Using a dye in powder format creates beautiful pops of unexpected color that give each piece its charm (for example, with a burgundy dye you might still see pops of green, yellow, or blue!)
    • As the ice and snow melt during the process, the dye spreads freely throughout the garment - some areas take on more color, whereas other areas can be entirely untouched by the dye. These are normal patterns and provide a beautiful, abstract appeal!
  • All dyed garments are dyed individually by hand from our home in Oakdale, MN - each batch takes over 24 hours to produce!  We use only dyes that are widely accepted as eco-friendly and contain no toxic elements.
  • Garments are laundered with unscented, hypoallergenic mild detergent and double-rinsed.  This method ensures the least amount of potential color release after purchase (though laundering with like colors is still highly recommended).
  • Shirt graphics can begin to "distress" (crack) over time - washing and drying inside out can help to reduce this.