Core Skincare Routine - Rejuvenating (New Eco-Friendly Version)

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Our Core Routine got an overhaul!

Our Core Routine is perfect for all skin types to gently nourish and promote a healthy glow.

Beautifully packaged in an eco-friendly bundle.

Step 1
Calm + Clean Clay Facial Cleanser
3.5 oz zero waste bar
Loaded with a high ratio of kaolin clay and to add extra gentle cleansing power for your facial cleansing routine. Aloe extract ensures that skin is soft and glowing with each face wash.

Step 2
Cucumber + Apple Hydrating Facial Mist
2 oz glass bottle with mister
A unique blend of organic hydrosols, aloe vera juice, witch hazel, raw honey, and vegetable glycerin support a radiant glow.  Perfect for post-cleansing, setting makeup, or whenever your complexion needs a boost.

Step 3
Moisturizing Beauty Cream
1 oz recyclable glass jar
Rich and creamy, our reformulated beauty cream is enriched with botanical extracts and hibiscus. Smooth onto skin after toning (before any oil) to balance + soften.

For the ultimate skin treat, blend a few drops of one of our beauty serums with the beauty cream for a luxurious skin quencher.


Bonus Add-On Step Available - purchase together and SAVE!

Anti Aging CoQ10 Beauty Serum - Rejuvenating
1 oz glass bottle with treatment pump
Turn back time and get a youthful glow thanks to the benefits of coenzyme 10 (CoQ10), propolis oil, and a blend of the finest oils known for their powerful anti-aging abilities. Use it alone or combine a few drops with our beauty cream and wake up to refreshed, glowing skin.


Discontinue if irritation occurs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Mindy McKay
Happy Customer

My second order from BeeNaturalz. I love the products and it helps my dry skin. Moisturizes much better than regular face cream. Highly recommend. 🐝

Elizabeth Chaltry

Loving it so far. My skin is finally not flaking off with the dryness of the winter. It helped immediately. Thank you!

Yolanda Petro


Carole Newman

Wonderful. Love it.

Michelle Thompson
Active Hydration Serum

I'm obsessed with this serum! I use it everyday usually twice and have loved how good my skin looks and feels.